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Who doesn't want to be wrinkle-free this holiday season?  Botox Cosmetic is a highly effective, non-surgical procedure that dramatically reduces moderate to severe frown lines.  FDA approved, Botox relaxes the muscles which cause lines to form.  There is no downtime and you'll love the results!

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Brilliant Dinctions Members enjoy exclusive savings on select Allergan treatments & products. It allows patients to earn points on product and treatment purchases and receive coupons for future purchases!

Why should EVERYONE be a member?

Because EVERYONE benefits! Brilliant Distinctions sends us rebates that can ONLY be used by their members, and these are GREAT SAVINGS! EVERYONE can use at least one, if not ALL of their products! (check out their product list below)


How do I become a member?

It is SO easy!  Go to the Brilliant Distinctions Program website & register. It takes less than 5 minutes & you can save on almost EVERY Allergan purchase! Use the link below to register! 

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Save up to $40 on your next 
Allergan purchase!
*Must be a Brilliant Distinctions member to qualify. Double points on Botox only.  
Coupons from double points may be used on any Allergan product or service. This is a Brilliant Distinctions special only.
 November 9th - December 18th 2015.
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Have you considered Botox, Juvèderm or Juvèderm Voluma?  If so, now is a great time to try any Allergan service at Skin Secrets.  We are offering $50 off Botox treatments over 15 units, $100 off Juvèderm, $100 off Juvèderm Voluma and 15% off all SkinMedica products.  All of these anti-aging products will have you looking young and feeling rejuvenated this spring! 

Juvèderm Voluma Before & After

Juvèderm Before & After

Botox Before & After